Kings, princesses, knights, damsels, villians and heroes, wizards, witches, faeries, dragons and unicorns... All of these can come to life at YOUR event!

Choose our traditional joust, with the Black Knight, the Golden Prince, fair maidens and squires, swordfights, falls, skills and mayem, the Tournament of Kings - where our riders show off their skill with sword and lance, or your event may be more suited to one of our fantasy jousts - King Arthur, Robin Hood, Battle of the Seasons, or the classic Good versus Evil, with Magic, Fire, unicorns and dragons!

All of these shows feature trick riding, stunt falls, sword fights, stick fights, comedy and skill, with much audience interaction.
wild west
All of our joust shows require an arena size of at least 60m x20m.
However, if you have slightly less room we may still be able to fit our Tournament show in. Two, three or four knights battle it out in a game of skill to win the hand of the lady, and thus all her lands! Join them as they cut cabbages, spear boar, and gallop at the quintain to see who will be triumphant!

Prices start from £1,800